Discontinuation of the Current Membership Packages and Upgrade Deadlines

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The Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. has recently announced the discontinuation of the existing program options in accordance with the company’s rebranding plan. The following program options will only be open for new membership applications until 15 September 2023:

  • Elite Ultimate Privilege
  • Elite Family Premium
  • Elite Superiority Extension
  • Elite Privilege Access
  • Elite Family Alternative
  • Elite Easy Access

The discontinuation will not affect current members of the program and those who have already submitted their applications. All members will be entitled to their privileges until the end of their memberships.

Anyone who wishes to apply for the above program options must ensure that full documentation is submitted online by 14 September 2023 so that their application can be reviewed and processed prior to the deadline. The payment of the membership fee must be completed within 30 days of receiving the approval letter and invoice.

The Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. will launch new membership packages on 1 October  2023. Elite Easy Access members who wish to upgrade their membership to the Elite Superiority Extension or Elite Ultimate Privilege program options must submit their upgrade request to the Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.’s CRM department no less than three months before the expiry of their membership. An upgrade to the new packages should also be made available from January 2024.

Details of the new membership packages and upgrade options will be announced on our website in due course. Should you require assistance or clarification, please contact us on enquiries@thailandelite-direct.com. One of our client advisors would be happy to assist you.

Posted on 10 August 2023

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